First Bauxite LLC – GINMIN Bonasika Project

First Bauxite LCC is a one asset company listed on the ASX.

Client Needs: The Bonasika Project includes the development of skid mounted crushing, screening, and washing facilities that are relocated on an annual basis. In addition, there is a crushing, screening, stockpiling and loadout facility on the bank of the Demerara River. The design of the loadout facility is based on an expected total production of 5 million tonnes (Mt) of high-quality washed bauxite, to be processed at a rate of 330,000 t/a at full capacity with an estimated 15-year production life.
The Property is located between the Essequibo River, and the Demerara River, approximately 70 km downstream of the capital city of Georgetown, Guyana. The Project area is accessible by the East Bank public road to Timehri and then approximately 8.5 km by boat up and across to the west bank of the Demerara River to the Sand-Hills site. The Bonasika deposits are accessed by an unpaved logging trail, approximately 24 km from Sand Hills.

TMG Provided:

Provided overall engineering management for the implementation of the Bonasika Project including the following functions:

  • Detailed Engineering – Responsible for the overall project scope
  • Site visits – For providing feedback to engineering team
  • Procurement – Involved in the RFQ / RFP Process for review

Vital Statistics:

Location: Bonasika, Guyana

Commodity: Bauxite – 91% to 93% Alumina

Project Phases: Engineering

Results: Detail Engineering successfully completed on-schedule and handed over to construction.