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Case Study

ADCO Oil & Gas

Quasahwira Gas Field Development FEED

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Commodity: Gas, Oil
Project Phases: FEED

Client Overview

ADCO, a subsidiary of ADNOC based in Abu Dhabi, was originally a Joint Venture between ADNOC, BP, and ExxonMobil. ADCO specializes in onshore well development, oil and gas extraction, and gas distribution.

Client Needs

ADCO sought to undertake a comprehensive project for the development of a new oil and gas extraction well facility within the Quasahwira Gas Field. The project encompassed a wide range of critical components, including:

  • New Well Head Development: The project required the design and construction of new well heads, which serve as the primary entry points for extracting oil and gas from the reservoir.
  • Installation of a Slug Catcher: A slug catcher, a key piece of equipment in the oil and gas industry, was installed to separate liquid slugs from the gas stream, ensuring efficient and safe processing.
  • Establishment of a New Compressor Station: A state-of-the-art compressor station was developed to serve a dual purpose. It was designed for the distribution of natural gas to the main network and for pressurized gas-based oil recovery from depleted wells.
  • Construction of Pipelines: A complex network of pipelines was designed and constructed to connect the new extraction wells and the depleted wells to the compressor station. These pipelines were not only responsible for transporting extracted resources but also played a crucial role in distributing gas.
  • Development of Degassing and Dehydration Facilities: Specialized facilities were created to remove unwanted gases and moisture from the extracted oil and gas streams. This process is essential for ensuring product quality and safety.
  • Provision of Utilities for Supporting Infrastructure: To sustain the operations, a range of utilities such as power, water supply, and communication systems were provided to support the project’s infrastructure.
  • Creation of Oil Storage and Pumping Stations: Storage facilities were established for storing extracted oil, and pumping stations were installed to facilitate the transportation of oil to its intended destinations. The project’s scale and complexity demanded meticulous planning and execution to ensure its success. The project also required the design and laying of approximately 1500 kilometers of pipelines ranging in size from 6″ to 20″. The compressor station served a dual purpose: distributing natural gas to the main network and aiding in oil recovery from depleted wells using pressurized gas. The final deliverables included a comprehensive FEED package, an EPC Bid Package, a +/-15% Cost Estimate, EPC Execution plans, and Purchase Specifications for all Long Lead Items.

Services Provided by TMG

TMG’s involvement in the Quasahwira Gas Field Development project was instrumental, particularly in providing Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) services. This phase of the project was a critical cornerstone that set the entire endeavor on a path to success. TMG’s comprehensive FEED services encompassed a wide range of activities, each playing a vital role in shaping the project’s overall trajectory.

Detailed Planning: TMG initiated the FEED process by conducting exhaustive planning. This phase involved thorough analysis and evaluation of the project’s requirements, objectives, and constraints. TMG’s experts collaborated closely with the client, ADCO, to understand their specific needs and long-term goals. This collaborative approach ensured that the project was aligned with ADCO’s vision and strategic priorities.

Design Expertise: TMG’s team of skilled engineers and designers brought their expertise to bear in the design phase. They translated the project’s conceptual ideas and requirements into detailed, actionable designs. These designs covered all aspects of the facility, including well head development, the slug catcher, compressor station, pipelines, degassing and dehydration facilities, utilities infrastructure, and oil storage and pumping stations. Every element was meticulously crafted to meet industry standards, safety regulations, and the unique demands of the Quasahwira Gas Field.

Initial Engineering: The FEED phase also involved the initiation of the project’s engineering work. TMG’s engineers began the process of configuring the facility’s technical specifications, equipment, and systems. This critical step laid the foundation for the subsequent detailed engineering phases, ensuring that the project was on solid ground from an engineering perspective.

Risk Mitigation: TMG’s FEED services included a comprehensive risk assessment. This proactive approach identified potential challenges and vulnerabilities within the project, allowing for the development of mitigation strategies. By addressing risks early in the process, TMG helped safeguard the project’s timeline and budget, ensuring that it could progress smoothly.

Cost Estimation: As part of the FEED services, TMG provided ADCO with a +/-15% Cost Estimate. This estimation was based on the detailed designs and engineering work conducted during the FEED phase. It offered a realistic projection of the project’s financial requirements, enabling ADCO to plan their budget effectively.

TMG’s role in providing FEED services was foundational to the Quasahwira Gas Field Development project. Their meticulous planning, expert design, thorough engineering, risk mitigation, and cost estimation activities ensured that the project was well-prepared for the subsequent phases, including the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) stage. TMG’s commitment to excellence and their ability to deliver a comprehensive FEED package were key factors that contributed to the project’s ultimate success, making them a valuable partner in ADCO’s journey toward achieving their goals in the Quasahwira Gas Field.


The project was managed by senior members of TMG, who also oversaw the engineering management of this high-profile endeavor. The project adopted a multi-office execution approach, with Toronto and Abu Dhabi offices serving as Centers of Excellence and Mumbai being utilized to provide a cost-effective model for completing the FEED.

The project was not only completed on time but also within budget. Following the successful FEED stage, the project proceeded to EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) bidding, with work commencing in 2015 and a completion timeline set for 2021. This case study highlights the efficiency and expertise demonstrated by TMG in delivering a complex oil and gas development project for ADCO in the challenging environment of the Quasahwira Gas Field.