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Our suite of project services is designed to address strategic project planning, procurement execution, contract management, supply chain operations, quality control, logistics optimization, cost controls, and document management.

The Challenges that Make or Break Success

In the dynamic landscape of industries like mining, oil and gas, and industrial operations, navigating complexities is the key to unlocking success. These challenges can make or break a project’s success and financial performance, from strategic procurement planning to meticulous contract management, from agile supply chain operations to unwavering quality control, and from optimized logistics to stringent cost control.

Your Path to Success is Clear

Unlock the TMG advantage with our comprehensive suite of services tailored to overcome your toughest challenges. With TMG as your partner, you’ll benefit from expert support at every stage of your project, harnessing state-of-the-art strategies and specialized tools to ensure your projects stay on track, within budget, and in compliance with regulations.

Your success is our mission.

Strategic Procurement

Procurement strategies developed to optimize your costs and enhance your long-term vendor relationships that continue into Operations.

Effective Contract Management

Contract expertise that minimizes risks and ensures service requirements are met.

Document Management

Streamline information access, promote collaboration, and enhance data security to deliver increased efficiency and compliance.

Efficient Logistics

Logistics planning and tracking to streamline material delivery and reduce construction risks.

Quality Assurance

Conduct rigorous quality control and Factory Acceptance Testing to ensure equipment meets your expectations.

Cost Control & Risk Management

Establish cost control measures and employ risk modeling to protect your project's financial health.

Our comprehensive services span procurement execution, contract management, supply chain mastery, expedited logistics, precise factory acceptance testing (FAT), meticulous project planning, vigilant cost control, accurate estimating, efficient document management, and robust risk modeling.

Procurement Execution

  • Strategic Procurement Planning: Develop packaging and contracting strategies and Vendor Pre-Qualification.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Partnerships: Leverage OEM collaborations for bundling opportunities, design expertise, and long-term value creation.
  • Expert Tender Management: Handle Request for Proposal (RFP) documentation preparation and commercial submittal evaluations.
  • Seamless Integration with Operations: Facilitate agreements, insurance provisions, warranties, and spare parts coordination.
  • Strategic Supply Agreements: Provide guidance and support for equipment and services procurement, including Construction Agreements.
  • Terms & Conditions Oversight: Interpret and ensure compliance with contract terms and scope of work.
  • Customized SOPs: Develop Standard Operating Procedures tailored to procurement and supply chain functions, aligning with corporate guidelines.

Contract Management & Construction Contract Administration

  • Form of Contract Development: Offer insights to minimize costs and meet service requirements.
  • Comprehensive Contract Risk Assessment: Evaluate risks for new and amended contracts before commitments.
  • Efficient Contract Establishment: Develop contract templates and compensation structures aligned with project needs.
  • Site-Based Earned Value Management: Verify contractor quantity and pay item details for invoice reconciliation.
  • Cost Control Management: Ensure adherence to approved Delegation of Authority.
  • Streamlined Backcharge & Field Change Management: Manage site-based project changes efficiently.
  • Vendor Performance Management: Liaise with various functional areas regarding contractual issues.

Supply Chain Management

  • Tailored Supply Chain Strategies: Enhance resilience through local capability assessments and Risk Management.
  • Supply Chain Risk Management: Implement protocols and assess supply chain strategies.
  • Global Supply Chain Management: Ensure secure material delivery from international suppliers to local marshaling yards.
  • Site Training & Support: Promote the adoption of sound procurement and commercial practices across Operations.
  • Mine Metals Toll Management: Efficiently track haulage, coordinate with stakeholders, and manage assay exchange.

Efficient Expediting & Logistics

  • Insight-Driven Logistics Planning: Ensure service requirements are met through experience-based planning.
  • Enhanced Procurement Tracking & Expediting: Boost project efficiency and mitigate construction execution risks.
  • Customized Systems & Tools Development: Create tailored schedule-based tracking systems for expediting site-bound equipment.
  • Comprehensive Supply Chain Oversight: Manage project Supply Chain from Global Factory Dispatch to Marshaling Yard.
  • Streamlined Customs Clearance: Coordinate with Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders for import/export requirements.
  • Strategic Transportation Management: Ensure timely material and equipment transportation.
  • Operational Logistics Strategies: Meet long-term business needs while minimizing costs and ensuring service requirements.

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control Management Planning: Ensure equipment meets client expectations.
  • Detailed Inspection Test Plan Development: Create plans for each application, including raw data recording.
  • Representation at Factory Testing Points: Oversee equipment functionality tests before shipping.
  • Functionality Testing: Confirm technical specifications and adherence to design.
  • Non-Conformance & Corrective Action Management: Address deviations promptly and cost-effectively.
  • Manufacturer Coordination: Expedite final fabrication release and shipping to the site.

Planning & Scheduling

  • Baseline Schedule Development: Collaboratively create project execution baseline schedules.
  • Construction Resource Leveling: Optimize resource allocation using Primavera P6 planning software.
  • Regular Schedule Updates: Monitor permitting, engineering, procurement, and construction activities with weekly updates.
  • Mitigate Slippages: Use What-If Scenarios and Schedule Critical Path Analysis to avoid delays.
  • Independent Schedule Reviews: Validate contractor durations, production rates, and activity sequences.
  • Streamlined Project Tracking Tools: Facilitate efficient schedule and budget performance tracking for on-site and off-site personnel.

Cost Controls

  • Cost Breakdown Structure Establishment: Organize project execution costs and map resources, materials, and equipment.
  • Authorization to Commit: Align project authorization levels with corporate Delegation of Financial Authority.
  • Earned Value Management: Track and report contractor progress against Key Performance Indicators.
  • Deviation Mitigation: Implement mitigations for deviations from planned progress curves.
  • Change Management Support: Assist in the Field Change Notice Process to ensure robust and compliant change management.
  • Effective Cross-Referencing: Align corporate bookkeeping with project reporting needs.
  • Timely Reporting: Provide weekly and monthly reports based on project cadence.


  • Basis of Estimate and Estimate Plan Development: In this phase, we ensure that quotations, factoring methods, and historical pricing align with the estimate class. This process establishes risk factors for individual items and provides a solid foundation for cost estimation.
  • Overall Cost Build-Up and Material Take-Off Review: We meticulously analyze the Overall Cost Build-Up and review Material Take-Offs prepared by our EPCM consultants. This step is essential for accuracy in cost assessment.
  • CAPEX & OPEX Model Development: Our team focuses on developing comprehensive CAPEX and OPEX models. This ensures that all cost items within the project's scope are thoroughly included and supported by benchmarking and reliable backup data.
  • Risk Reserve & Contingency Establishment: We establish risk reserves and contingencies to account for unforeseen elements that may arise during execution. Our approach incorporates Monte Carlo simulations for a precise definition of project baselines.
  • Control Budget Establishment: Setting control budgets is crucial for defining the project's cost performance baseline. It also helps in establishing contractual monitoring budgets for competitive tenders and contractual commitments made during project execution.
  • Overall Project Spend Profiles and Forecasts: We create comprehensive project spend profiles and forecasts to facilitate effective budgeting and authorization for expenditure, ensuring financial transparency and control.
  • Check Estimates for Site-Based Contractors: We conduct check estimates for additional work to be undertaken by site-based contractors as the project progresses into the construction phase, ensuring cost accuracy and compliance with project plans.

Document Management & Document Control

  • Aconex Document Management System Hosting and Implementation: We specialize in hosting and implementing the Aconex Document Management System for efficient project information sharing, ensuring seamless collaboration and data access.
  • Work Breakdown Structure Establishment: At the beginning of project execution, we establish a well-defined Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) tailored to your project requirements. This structure helps organize work packages and tasks effectively, ensuring clarity and efficiency in project management.
  • Document Control Plan Establishment: We develop a robust Document Control Plan that outlines guidelines, document types, storage locations, and interface requirements. This plan serves as the framework for managing project documents efficiently and in compliance with your project's needs.
  • Standard Operating Procedure Development: Our team specializes in developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to meet the document management requirements of your project, corporate guidelines, and operational needs. These SOPs ensure consistency and adherence to document storage and retention protocols.
  • Document Controller Secondments: We provide experienced Document Controllers who can be seconded to your project to maintain current project deliverables and ensure compliance with contractual requirements. Our experts help streamline document management processes.
  • Workflow Establishment: Efficient workflows are critical for reviews and approvals. We establish tailored workflows aligned with distribution matrices and authorization for expenditure requirements, ensuring that documents are routed, reviewed, and approved effectively.
  • Project Handover & Close-Out: Our expertise extends to project handover and close-out processes. We meticulously compile comprehensive and accurate project archives, meeting legal and reference requirements. This ensures a smooth transition from project completion to ongoing operations or future reference needs.

Estimating Solutions

  • Basis of Estimate Development: Develop estimates and factoring in quotations and historical pricing.
  • Comprehensive Cost Build-Up: Review Material Take-Offs and CAPEX & OPEX Models.
  • Risk Reserve & Contingency Establishment: Account for unforeseen elements based on Monte Carlo simulations.
  • Control Budget Establishment: Set project cost performance baselines and monitor budget amounts.
  • Accurate Project Spend Profiles: Forecast budgeting and authorization for expenditure.
  • Check Estimates for Site-Based Contractors: Assess costs for other works during construction.

Document Management & Control

  • Aconex Document Management System Hosting: Implement and host the Aconex Document Management System for seamless project information sharing.
  • Work Breakdown Structure Establishment: Create a well-structured Work Breakdown Structure in alignment with project requirements and work packages at the project's onset.
  • Document Control Plan Creation: Develop a comprehensive Document Control Plan outlining document guidelines, types, storage locations, and interface requirements.
  • Custom Standard Operating Procedures: Craft Standard Operating Procedures tailored to meet the document management and retention needs of the project, corporate, and operations.
  • Document Controller Secondments: Assign Document Controllers to ensure the maintenance of current project deliverables and transmittals in accordance with contractual obligations.
  • Streamlined Workflow Establishment: Set up efficient workflows for reviews and approvals, following distribution matrices and authorization for expenditure.
  • Project Handover & Close-Out: Produce meticulous and comprehensive archives suitable for legal and reference purposes upon project completion.

Robust Risk Modeling Services

  • Three-Point Modeling: Employ Three-Point Modeling to determine realistic probabilities and assess the severity of cost and schedule impacts for each input value. Assign worst-case, most-likely, and best-case values for both expected likelihood and severity ranges.
  • Probability & Cost Distribution Analysis: Conduct thorough analyses for each event to gauge the likelihood of risks occurring and estimate their associated costs in terms of both time and dollars.
  • Individual Risk Output Profiles: Generate individual risk output profiles by utilizing probabilities and costs derived from the Three-Point Model Session.
  • Monte Carlo Simulation: Utilize Monte Carlo Simulation to model anticipated cost and schedule impacts, along with confidence levels linked to inherent residual risks in project execution. This provides valuable insights for budgeting and decision-making.
  • Risk Reserve Analysis: Conduct in-depth analysis using Monte Carlo data to identify crucial risk results. Develop recommendations for mitigation, management, and monitoring.
  • Tornado Distribution Graphs: Create Tornado distribution graphs highlighting the most significant risks associated with the project.
  • Comprehensive Risk Reporting: Provide comprehensive risk reporting based on the Monte Carlo Simulation outputs, outlining recommended paths for mitigation, management, and continuous risk monitoring.
  • Collaborative Risk Reserve Establishment: Collaboratively define contingencies and risk reserves based on expected confidence levels, ensuring realistic and proactive risk management.