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Project Review & Due Diligence

A complete range of services that encompass Leadership Alignment, Data Review, Execution Due Diligence Assessments, Basis of Estimate Validation, Engineering Discipline Assessment, Design Analysis, HAZOP Reviews, Risk Management, Constructability Reviews, and Construction Readiness.


It’s no secret that complexity can often seem like an insurmountable hurdle, posing challenges that test the limits of your team’s capabilities. From the strategic imperative of Leadership Alignment to the criticality of HAZOP assessments, proficient risk management, and the readiness for seamless construction, your dedicated professionals face these formidable obstacles daily. Luckily, there is a solution.

Complexity Solved

Our Project Review and Due Diligence Service is your solution for meticulous risk ranking and mitigation strategies, resulting in safer and more efficient project execution. Best of all, you’ll experience reduced construction costs and schedules and the assurance of safeguarded regulatory standing through permit compliance. Our commitment ensures your project’s construction viability, delivering results that exceed expectations.

With our holistic approach, your projects will stay on course, remain on budget, and consistently meet regulatory standards.

Optimized Project Budgets

Thorough data review and preparation, coupled with a basis of estimate validation, ensure your project stays on budget by identifying and mitigating budget risks from the start.

Efficient Project Timelines

With engineering discipline assessment and expedited clarifications, you'll avoid potential schedule delays, ensuring your project stays on track and is completed on time.

Leadership Alignment Workshops

Workshops hosted by TMG (The Management Group) aim to enhance communication, strengthen positive connections, and boost operational efficiency in a business.

Enhanced Safety and Compliance

Prioritize safety and regulatory compliance with safety-focused design practices, qualitative analysis for system evaluation, and risk ranking based on likelihood and severity.

Streamlined Project Execution

Streamline project execution, reducing costs and schedules through constructability audits, cost estimates, permit registers, and engineering reviews.

Effective Risk Management

Mitigate uncertainties, make informed decisions, and successfully manage project risks through risk establishment and monitoring.

The Keys to Your Success

TMG delivers a comprehensive suite of services to elevate project excellence. Our Project Reviews drive precision and innovation, while HAZOP Reviews prioritize operational safety. With Risk Management Services, we ensure confident decision-making, and our Constructability and Construction Readiness Reviews streamline processes for optimal project outcomes.

Leadership Alignment Workshops

Workshops facilitated by TMG are designed to foster effective communication, build positive relationships, and drive operational improvement within a business. Here's a breakdown of the key components and benefits of these workshops:

  • Half-Day Workshops: Span three half-days with a daily targeted focus, promoting communication and relationship-building across the business.
  • Three-Day Engagement: A three-day initiative; two days for individual team introductions, followed by a day focused on operational alignment and planning.
  • Nightly Reviews: Essential evening discussions with sponsors and stakeholders to affirm management communication and set up for the succeeding workshop.
  • Call to Action: Emphasizes participants to cross-check assumptions with data, highlighting data-driven decision-making.
  • Analytical Approach: TMG provides empirical evidence to substantiate interview assumptions, reinforcing evidence-based operational enhancements.
  • Workshop Topics: TMG offers diverse topics like Mine to Mill Alignment, Asset Management, and more, allowing customization based on business needs.

TMG's Leadership Alignment Workshops are a comprehensive approach to improving communication, fostering teamwork, and driving organizational operational excellence. These workshops provide a structured framework for addressing critical business management and leadership aspects.

Project Due Diligence Reviews

  • Technical Assistance: Comprehensive review of project aspects like plans, budgets, and schedules to ensure alignment with industry standards and technical viability.
  • Project Threat & Opportunity Evaluations: Identifying project risks and opportunities using real-world experience for design optimization and risk management.
  • CAPEX & Execution Plan Alignment Review: Verification that project CAPEX aligns with the Project Execution Plan and execution schedule, ensuring cost appropriateness.
  • Technical Report Validation: Review of completed project stages against stage-gate metrics to guide informed execution decisions.
  • Site Assessments: On-site evaluations of project progress, team strength, facilities, and potential risks, offering insights into real-world challenges.
  • Financial Validation: Review of the Project Execution Plan's financial alignment with shareholder values and lender covenants, ensuring feasible financial plans.

Design Reviews

  • Data Review & Preparation: Comprehensive engineering and project data review to ensure accuracy, vital for assessing budget risks and informed decision-making.
  • Basis of Estimate Validation: Review of quotations and pricing information to ensure cost estimates align with industry standards, preventing budget overruns.
  • Engineering Discipline Assessment: Evaluation of potential delays due to deliverable approvals identifying bottlenecks to keep the project on track.
  • Design Analysis: Detailed review of design for feasibility, quality, HSE compliance, and reliability, ensuring alignment with standards and reducing construction issues.
  • Model Reviews: Virtual plant walkthroughs to optimize layouts and ensure well-designed and effective operational facilities.
  • Value Engineering: Identifying opportunities to enhance cost, schedule, and reliability while ensuring fit-for-purpose design and maximizing stakeholder value.
  • Lessons Learned: Documenting project insights for continuous improvement and better execution of future projects.

HAZOP Reviews

  • Safety in Design: Adopt safety-focused engineering practices in design and initial reviews.
  • Qualitative Analysis: Explore inadvertent or abnormal operation scenarios and assess system reactions and safeguards.
  • Interactive Facilitation: Engage project and Operations stakeholders to ensure expert reviews of critical process nodes.
  • Failure Scenario Assessment: Evaluate how nodes respond to upset conditions and check safeguards.
  • Final HAZOP Report: Compile design description, worksheets, and recommendations.
  • Risk Management: Rank risks based on likelihood and severity and monitor mitigation actions.

Risk Management Services

  • Stakeholder Engagement: Collaborate with experts throughout the risk management process.
  • Risk Identification: Identify threats, causes, likelihood, and impacts.
  • Risk Mitigation: Develop treatment plans and leverage opportunities using the Hierarchy of Controls.
  • Probability Definition: Determine appropriate and realistic probabilities and severity of cost and schedule impacts for anticipated project outcomes to create appropriate risk profiles.
  • Monte Carlo Simulation: Model cost and schedule impacts to guide budgeting.
  • Risk Reserve Establishment: Budget for unforeseen elements encountered during execution.
  • Risk Monitoring: Monitor mitigation progress, re-assess high-priority risks, and adjust risk rankings.