At TMG, oversight is defined as saving you time and money through capital projects. We provide more than just industry and project insight… we specialize in project management and provide efficient and reliable oversight.

Our collective years of expertise enable us to get things done faster – ultimately saving you precious time, and helping you honour your project budget. In an industry where timing is everything, bringing TMG in at the right stage of your investment to be the eyes and ears for the project is critical.

We look. We listen. We act on your behalf. And we have the results to prove that a small investment upfront for effective project management and oversight of the project, will lead to a large return in the end.

TMG is a company that provides a unique oversight service to mining, oil & gas, and other heavy industrial sector company executives and project owners who are, or will be, engaged in growing or enhancing their enterprise through capital projects.

Let’s connect and discover how we can help you bring your projects in on time.


Since 1997, TMG has been focused on strategic project planning, engineering oversight, project execution and Owner’s Team project management support.

TENG Inc. is a provider of consulting and EPCM services for oil & gas and dedicated to achieving the highest standards in health, safety and the environment.

TMG-TENG has extensive expertise in major oil and gas producing regions in Canada and North America, and our clients are some of the most successful and prominent entities in the industry. We relentlessly pursue engineering excellence, with our main goal being the success of our clients. We aspire for quality, innovation, and cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

Together we will:

Establish a Corporate Project Management Structure

Provide Sustaining Capital Project Due Diligence

Establish Independent Project Reviews

Develop smooth Corporate to Site PM Relations

Advise the C-Suite in all aspects of Capital Projects

We provide:

Study Development


Owner’s Team Representation