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Case Study

Kirkland Lake Gold

Macassa Tailings Thickener

Location: Kirkland Lake, Ontario
Commodity: Gold Dore
Project Phases: Construction/Commissioning

Client Overview

Kirkland Lake Gold Inc. is a distinguished gold mining company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. The company’s operations center around the Macassa Mine in Kirkland Lake, Northern Ontario. Macassa Mine is a deep underground mining operation accessed through a mineshaft.

TMG’s Contributions

TMG was integral in facilitating the successful installation of the tailings thickener at Kirkland Lake Gold’s Macassa Mine. The scope of TMG’s services encompassed various critical functions:

  • Project Management: TMG provided comprehensive project management services, overseeing various aspects of the tailings thickener installation project.
  • Engineering Management: Effective engineering management was crucial for the project’s success. TMG took charge of engineering management, ensuring that engineering activities were well-coordinated and aligned with project objectives.
  • Field Engineering: Field engineering plays a pivotal role in project execution. TMG’s field engineering expertise was instrumental in optimizing design elements to enhance constructability and project scheduling.
  • Logistics: Managing logistics is essential for a smooth project execution. TMG streamlined site logistics and expediting processes, ensuring the efficient receipt of equipment and the implementation of storage and preservation procedures.
  • Construction Oversight: TMG provided oversight during construction, ensuring that construction activities adhered to design specifications and quality standards.


The collaborative efforts between Kirkland Lake Gold and TMG yielded significant outcomes, contributing to the successful completion of the Macassa Tailings Thickener project:

  • Design Optimizations: TMG’s field engineering design optimizations enhanced constructability and project scheduling, facilitating a more efficient installation process.
  • Optimized Client Interface: The interface between the client and the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor was optimized under TMG’s management, ensuring effective communication and coordination.
  • Streamlined Logistics: TMG’s expertise in site logistics and expediting led to streamlined processes for equipment receipt and the implementation of essential storage and preservation procedures.

The Macassa Tailings Thickener project exemplifies the synergy between Kirkland Lake Gold and TMG. It underscores the critical role of effective project management, engineering oversight, and logistics governance in achieving success. This case study reaffirms Kirkland Lake Gold’s commitment to excellence in gold mining, supported by strategic collaboration and meticulous project execution.