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Case Study


Red Chris Block Cave

Location: Prince George, British Columbia
Commodity: Copper / Gold Porphyry Block Cave
Project Phases: PFS with parallel Construction Execution

Client Overview

Newcrest Mining Ltd. is the largest gold producer on the Australian Securities Exchange. Leveraging its robust technical capabilities, the company specializes in deep underground block caving and metallurgical processing. The Red Chris Block Cave project represented a significant undertaking within their extensive portfolio.

TMG’s Contributions

TMG was pivotal in supporting Newcrest Mining in advancing the Red Chris Block Cave project. Critical areas of TMG’s involvement included:

  • Project Management & Owner’s Team Secondments: TMG provided expert project management services and seconded personnel to join the owner’s team. This collaborative approach ensured seamless coordination and communication throughout the project’s lifecycle.
  • Site-based Construction Management Services: TMG assumed responsibility for site-based construction management services, particularly for the development of Early Works and Surface Infrastructure. This role encompassed overseeing critical aspects of the project’s initial phases.
  • Schedule & Budget Development: TMG was crucial in developing comprehensive schedules and budgets for project execution. These frameworks provided essential guidance for project planning, resource allocation, and financial management.
  • Procurement Management and Contracting Support: TMG took the lead in managing procurement activities and provided valuable support in contracting services for fundamental engineering, equipment, and construction needs. This meticulous approach contributed to streamlined project execution.


TMG’s involvement in the Red Chris Block Cave project yielded significant results, underscoring its commitment to project success:

  • On-Time and Under-Budget Execution: The Early Works program was executed on time and under budget. This achievement showcased the effectiveness of project management, procurement strategies, and construction oversight in meeting project milestones.
  • Continuous Underground Development: The project successfully progressed towards the block cave, demonstrating the continuous development of the underground aspects of the project.

The Red Chris Block Cave project exemplifies the successful collaboration between Newcrest Mining and TMG. It highlights the significance of expert project management, meticulous construction oversight, and efficient procurement practices in achieving project goals. This case study reaffirms Newcrest Mining’s commitment to technical excellence and responsible resource development, supported by strategic collaboration for successful project outcomes.