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Case Study

Rio Tinto

Kitimat Smelter Upgrades

Location: Kitimat, British Columbia
Facility Type: Aluminum Smelter
Project Phases: Construction Execution, Sustaining Capital Projects

Client Overview

Rio Tinto, a global leader in the aluminum industry, operates the Kitimat Smelter in British Columbia, which is not only a premier aluminum smelting facility but also a hydropower operation. The site received a significant investment of over $600 million in 2017, affirming its commitment to sustainable operations.

TMG’s Contributions

TMG has been instrumental in the ongoing upgrades and improvements at the Rio Tinto Kitimat Smelter:

  • Sustaining Capital Projects: TMG has been actively involved in planning, implementing, and overseeing sustaining capital projects to maintain and upgrade the aging infrastructure of the smelter.
  • Project Execution Planning: TMG has excelled in project execution planning, including the development of studies for smelter expansion and planning for the implementation of these expansions.
  • Secondment Services: TMG, in partnership with SNC-Lavalin and Giffen, has provided secondment services for project engineering and project coordination, ensuring skilled personnel are on-site for effective project execution.
  • On-site Collaboration: The team has successfully established positive relations with the core teams of Rio Tinto and SNC Lavalin, fostering a collaborative work environment.


The partnership between Rio Tinto and TMG has yielded substantial progress:

  • Completed Projects: Multiple projects of varying sizes and budgets have been successfully completed, demonstrating TMG’s capability and adaptability in managing diverse project requirements.
  • Increased Trust and Responsibility: The successful completion of initial projects has led Rio Tinto to entrust TMG with an increased volume of critical projects.
  • Future Expansion Potential: The ongoing success of the project opens up the potential for additional roles and funding in future expansions.

This project underscores the importance of strategic project planning, skilled personnel deployment, and sustaining capital execution in enhancing the operational efficiency and longevity of an industrial facility. Rio Tinto’s continued investment and TMG’s expertise combine to ensure the Kitimat Smelter remains at the forefront of the aluminum industry, with a strong focus on sustainable and efficient operations.