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A Glance into Ethics and Procurement in Mining.

We’ve all heard it before…you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Well, just like any industry or business, the mining and engineering ‘chain’ also uses and relies on the strength and quality of products or services of other businesses to get the job done and meet their ultimate goals of quality execution, completion, and success. From procuring the services of consulting companies, to sourcing large machinery and equipment, it all falls into the realm of procurement and ethical business decisions.

Procurement affects all aspects of our business, from engineering to supplies. It is the discipline that is responsible for acquiring any item, product, service, or skill, through contractual engagements. An effective and thorough tender process helps ensure our industry is maintaining integrity, equal opportunity, fairness, and, whenever possible, sustainable procurement that considers the impact of environmental, economical, and diversity and inclusion in the services offered, along with price and quality.

TMG boasts a reputation of fair and ethical business practices.

TMG is proud of our reputation of fair and ethical business practices, not only because of our amazingly dedicated team, but also because of our meticulous commitment (almost stubbornness) to maintain strict project procedures for each and every purchase decision. Cutting corners and skipping steps have never been a consideration, and Ashanie Gordon Bailey, CCMAP Procurement, Contracts and Commercial Manager at TMG makes certain of it. Ashanie has years of experience leading the procurement efforts on large mining sites. She is currently leading the procurement practices on TMG’s mining projects.

Meet Ashanie.

Ashanie Gordon Bailey, CCMAP Procurement, Contracts & Commercial Manager

Ashanie Gordon Bailey is an experienced and accomplished commercial mining professional, responsible for the Procurement, Contracting and Supply Chain function on mining projects. Ashanie has a wide range of experience in project management, procurement management, risk management, and supply chain management. Her work has provided her with extensive exposure and experience in projects around the world, leading to her global mindset.

She has dedicated her professional career to delivering results in a wide range of Management positions of increasing responsibility that have taken her to operations in Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, New Caledonia, Brazil, and other key locations. These diverse assignments have provided her with in-depth experience in the strategic and operational aspects of Procurement and Supply Chain. Ashanie has a deep understanding of the challenges and operational risks surrounding mining projects based on increasing demands and complexity placed on mining supply chains. She is passionate about maximising project value by unlocking innovative contracting strategies and leveraging local business partnerships.

How does TMG do things differently?
We focus our task as we work through the Procurement Cycle on Fair and Ethical tendering by ensuring the tenders are competitive, that there is transparency and all the proponents are entering the tender process on the same footing.

Information disseminated is done where no bidder has advance knowledge of the tender documents. TMG also takes the time to schedule and conduct debriefing sessions with the unsuccessful proponents, using this as a medium of communicating where their proposal was lacking. We are aware that the proponents usually spend a significant amount of time, money, and effort in preparing proposals. Accordingly, if they are unsuccessful, we should support them by communicating where their submission was lacking, of course while maintaining the integrity of the tender process.

TMG’s Procurement Process.
The tender process usually involves 3 to 6 potential candidates bidding for the work/product/service/job. In some cases, a Sole Source reasoning will detail why choosing to award the project to a single source supplier is justified. Otherwise the tender process will be issued to market as a competitive tender.

A competitive tender is initiated and Procurement compares proposals received through a Request For Proposal/Quotation (RFP/RFQ) process, which details the scope of work, data sheets, requirements, schedules, anything and everything that would be required of the proponents to submit a complete and detailed bid. Contracts are usually then awarded within 2-3 weeks of the RFP/RFQ submission deadline.

How do we then conduct a fair and ethical selection process? There are various methods used by the TMG team as a whole. Aconex, by Oracle, is a well-known web-based tool, which provides interested candidates with equal opportunity to the bid(s) available during a pre-determined and specified timeline, while driving efficiencies in project controls and document management. This assures everyone has the same access to RFP/RFQs for the same amount of time.

TMG then conducts commercial and technical bid evaluations and adjudications prior to awarding any project. As the procurement lead, Ashanie categorizes information into Commercial and Technical/Engineering aspects. Our technical team evaluates based on the technical specifications and a specific ranking system, while our commercial team evaluates based on cost control, schedule, logistics, expediting, and other specific project requirements. TMG has developed and standardized forms and a ranking system that then allows us to present all of the data ranking using a quantitative analysis. This is hugely important, since it essentially eliminates any risk of subjective biases from any team member.

The adjudication process then occurs with the TMG Project Manager dispelling information to the decision maker internally or direct to our client. Holding ourselves to the same standards our clients would is critically important to, not only our continued success, but also to a restful sleep at night with peace-of-mind.

So what does ethical procurement mean to you, our customer?
An important goal in the procurement process is to ensure that any pre-existing contracts are competitive with current market rates. Procurement is done on behalf of the client – with your best interest in mind. Procurement analyzes and compares quality products and services, at an acceptable and competitive value.

TMG recently added a Project Cost Controller and Procurement Specialist, Max Fryer, to our team. Max brings to the TMG Team a diverse background in Construction Cost Controls and Contract Administration. He leverages his experience in Site Procurement and Execution to ensure sourcing and procurement at the initial stages of any project will fully support the needs of the Mine Site during the Construction phase. This value-add provides for additional opportunities to the mining projects.

The hard fact that so many businesses have experienced procurement and supply chain disruptions by the global Covid-19 pandemic has not gone unnoticed. TMG is extremely proud of the fact that our stringent procurement practices have not been negatively impacted – and that is a testament to our team’s pledge to quality and doing the job right, led by Ashanie Gordon Bailey who is continually strengthening our commitment to ethical procurement.

TMG takes a careful and objective approach to each and every thoughtful insight and recommendation. We look. We listen. We act on your behalf with integrity.

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