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AME Roundup: TMG’s Takeaways

2022 Brings Continual Growth During a Time of Pivoting and Constant Change.

For many of us, the last two years have blended together into what we can now describe as a blink of an eye. While going through a global pandemic was life changing for some, and no easy feat for anyone, we think most can attest to the fact that it feels almost surreal and as though the years 2020 and 2021 just ultimately spilled into 2022. On a personal and social level, the Covid-19 pandemic brought new behaviours and modifications to our lifestyles and health precautions. While on a business scope, it proved to be a time to pivot with changing times, and to establish your resiliency and ability to adapt to a new business and economic landscape.

It is, and always has been, about constant growth and continual improvement for us.

Growth and New Opportunities.

When we look back at the last couple of years for TMG, we say with confidence that it was a time of growth and new opportunities. Things did not lock down or pause in our world, and for that we are grateful. TMG pivoted to Covid regulations and new expectations, all while building an unparalleled team of experts in project management and Owner’s team representation. It is, and always has been, about constant growth, learning, and continual improvement for us. And 2022 was kicked off with just that in mind.

Members of the TMG team had the opportunity to attend the 2022 AME Roundup conference, and started the year off with valuable insight into industry-leading technical sessions that spotlighted “successes in overcoming challenges to succeed using a combination of tried and tested techniques and innovative solutions.”

“Hosted by explorers for explorers, AME’s annual Roundup conference is the mineral exploration industry’s premier opportunity to connect, exchange ideas and inspire new exploration projects: Projects that are critical to a strong economic recovery, supplying materials for a climate-smart future, and sustaining vibrant regional communities for generations to come.”

This year’s AME Roundup (#AMERoundup2022) was presented as a hybrid conference with both in-person and online content available. Hosted at the Vancouver Convention Centre (and online), with a call to engage, connect, and evolve, industry visionaries collaborated and shared in a collective effort to keep the industry of mining exploration at the height of its game. Top tier exhibitors welcomed visitors to their booths, with innovative ideas and products, while the available technical sessions had everyone honing in on their skills and resources. Attending AME Roundup was a truly invaluable experience which Peter Woodhouse, President of TMG relished.

According to Peter, “AME Roundup was a great event and one of the first in the industry for 2022 that allowed people to once again gather, interact and speak in-person since the pandemic started.  

There were many takeaways from AME Roundup that were of great interest; specifically, the on-going growth in responsible exploration and mining. Canada’s growth in Clean tech: electric vehicles, wind and solar power and Canada’s ability to be a major player in providing the minerals required while still fulfilling our climate commitments to a low carbon future. Another great presentation (one close to home) was on the growth of responsibly sourced critical-mineral opportunities in Ontario. 

One of the highlights of AME personally was being able to connect with the extraordinary Lana Eagle who was instrumental at organizing and presenting AME’s “The Gathering Place”. The overall focus for the three sessions was on how best to work on building and strengthening Indigenous partnerships with the mineral exploration and mining industries, but also creating mutually-beneficial mining projects between First Nations and the industry. 

For us at TMG, being involved in projects that are on First Nations’ land, especially in British Columbia, makes it even more important and critical to explore how we can grow our role, as well as our responsibility and relationships with the Indigenous Community, including in the sourcing of vendors, procurement and other roles within the industry.”

Here We Grow Again.

TMG provides more than just industry and project insight… we specialize in project management and provide efficient and reliable oversight. Our collective years of expertise enable us to get things done faster – ultimately saving our clients’ time, and helping them honour their project budget. We value the importance of talent and the right people, and that’s why we are always investing in our growing team.

Meet our newest team members: Monika and Max

Monika Baird,
Project Specialist

Monika Baird is a TMG Project Specialist, currently working on the Newcrest Red Chris mine. She comes from a background of project management in the residential buildings and high-rise industry. Monika is proud of her two beautiful puppies and loves taking them for long walks as she explores surrounding neighbourhoods.

“TMG has provided the opportunity to learn and work in a thriving new environment.”

Max Fryer, Procurement & Project Controls Specialist at TMG, is responsible for vendor relations and project budget control. Max has extensive project coordinator experience in the construction industry. He lived and worked in England and Australia and is an active rugby union player.

TMG has a primary focus on people and opening their doors. If you show the willingness to learn, TMG will take you on the path to success.”

Max Fryer,
Procurement & Project Controls Specialist

Your TMG Team

TMG provides a unique oversight service to mining company executives and project owners who are, or will be, engaged in growing or enhancing their enterprise through capital projects. Our collective years of expertise enable us to get things done faster – ultimately saving you precious time, and helping you honour your project budget. In an industry where timing is everything, bringing TMG in at the right stage of your investment to be the eyes and ears for the project is critical.

Let’s Connect and discover how we can help you bring your projects in on time.