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Case Study

ArcelorMittal S.A.

Liberia Western Range DSO Iron Ore Project

Location: Liberia, West Africa 
Commodity: Iron Ore 
Project Phases: Detailed Engineering, Procurement & Construction 

Client Overview 

ArcelorMittal S.A., the world’s leading steel and mining company, embarked on the Liberia Western Range DSO Iron Ore Project. ArcelorMittal sought to expand its operations in Liberia with a vision to supply competitive products for maximum group value.

Client Needs 

In phase 2 of the project, ArcelorMittal aimed to expand the Tokadeh mine to increase production to 15 million tonnes of concentrated sinter fine ore per year. Additionally, constructing a railway from the Liberia Port to the Mine site was essential for the project’s success.

Project Details 

Detailed Engineering: The project involved detailed engineering to facilitate the expansion of the Tokadeh mine and the construction of the railway infrastructure.

TMG’s Contributions 

Procurement & Construction: TMG provided procurement, expediting, and logistics support to secure the delivery of mining and rail equipment. Commercial oversight was conducted on procuring materials/goods for the ArcelorMittal DSO Railroad, Mine, and Port rehabilitation project. TMG also managed vendor relationships to establish and maintain a robust supply chain integral to project execution.


The project’s success resulted from meticulous planning and execution by TMG’s adept team. TMG orchestrated strategic negotiations with global suppliers by leveraging their extensive network and expertise in procurement and contract administration. These negotiations weren’t just about securing the lowest price but about fostering mutually beneficial relationships that drove down costs while maintaining quality and reliability.

TMG achieved remarkable cost savings through these efforts, amounting to millions of dollars. This was made possible by identifying opportunities for optimization, streamlining processes, and implementing innovative solutions. One such solution was the implementation of logistics strategies tailored to the project’s unique needs. TMG minimized delays and inefficiencies by marshaling resources at designated shipping ports and ensuring transportation visibility throughout the supply chain, further driving down shipping costs.

The comprehensive logistics solution devised by TMG wasn’t just about cost savings; it was about ensuring efficient project execution and timely delivery of essential equipment and materials. By synchronizing various supply chain elements, from procurement to transportation and delivery, TMG enabled seamless coordination and minimized disruptions, thus keeping the project on track and within budget.

The success of TMG’s approach is evident in the ArcelorMittal Liberia Western Range DSO Iron Ore Project. By demonstrating the value of strategic supply chain management in large-scale mining operations, TMG contributed to the project’s success and set a new standard for excellence in the industry. This case study is a testament to TMG’s prowess in navigating complex supply chain challenges and delivering tangible results that drive business success.