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Case Study

Barrick Gold

Goldstrike Project

Location: Carlin, Nevada, USA
Commodity: Gold
Phases: Operations Support, Operating Asset, Sustaining Capital Projects

Client Overview

Barrick Gold, a worldwide sector-leading gold and copper producer, initiated the Goldstrike Project in Carlin, Nevada, USA.

Client Needs

Goldstrike identified the need for various enhancements, including duct sizing and Dust Suppression System improvements for the Crusher circuit, reduction in Fresh Water usage through the Strip Circuit, and preparation of AutoCAD drawings for a new freshwater line in the O2 Plant.

Project Details

Situated 50 miles northwest of Elko, the Goldstrike Project encompasses a 5,000 ft elevated open pit, representing Barrick’s largest producer. TMG provided Project Engineering and Project Management services for Sustaining Capital Projects, focusing on improvements in several key areas.

TMG’s Contributions

TMG delivered comprehensive services tailored to Barrick Gold’s requirements:

  • Field Engineering: TMG provided Project Engineering expertise, including calculations for Residence Time through Wet Mill and Autoclave circuits and execution planning for Dust Suppression System expansion.
  • Procurement: The TMG team collaborated on innovation proposals to reduce Fresh Water consumption in the Strip Circuit and prepared AutoCAD drawings for new freshwater lines in the Oxygen Plant.
  • Sustaining Capital Projects: TMG provided Project Management services, including Mine Safety and Health Administration Training for onsite crew and area-specific training sessions.


The partnership between Barrick Gold and TMG proved fruitful, resulting in significant achievements across various facets of the project. Foremost among these was the heightened emphasis on safety throughout the equipment design and implementation phases. By integrating safety considerations into every aspect of the project, the collaboration ensured a safer working environment for all involved.

Additionally, the partnership fostered improved communication and correspondence among different disciplines, streamlining processes and enhancing overall project efficiency. Leveraging advanced 3D software expertise, including Solidworks, Microstation PDS, SmartPlant Review, and AutoCAD, allowed for precise design modeling and simulation, contributing to the project’s success.

Notably, the successful ducting installation for dust collection systems stood as a testament to the collaborative efforts, bolstering operational safety and efficiency by mitigating dust-related hazards and optimizing airflow within the system. Overall, the collaboration between Barrick Gold and TMG demonstrated the power of effective teamwork and innovative engineering solutions in achieving project objectives.

This case study underscores the importance of effective project management and engineering expertise in achieving operational excellence, reaffirming Barrick Gold’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in gold mining operations.