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Case Study

Barrick Gold

Cortez Hills Project

Location: Crescent Valley, Nevada, USA 
Commodity: Gold 
Project Phases: Permitting, Construction Execution, Commissioning & Turnover 

Client Overview 

Barrick Gold operates the Cortez Hills gold mining and processing facility 75 miles southwest of Elko in Nevada, USA. The Cortez complex comprises both open pit and underground mines. 

Client Needs  

The Cortez Hills project involved developing an open-pit gold mine with heap leaching and ore transportation via an overland conveyor to the existing Pipeline Milling Complex. The scope also encompassed open pit construction, underground exploration decline, in-pit ore crushing, dewatering, heap leaching, Carbon-In-Leach, and ancillary surface support facilities. 

TMG’s Contributions  

TMG provided comprehensive services tailored to meet the specific needs of Barrick Gold’s Cortez Hills Project:

  • Field Engineering: TMG provided engineering clarification to contractors, ensuring adherence to design specifications and overseeing mechanical completion testing of equipment.
  • Contractor Management: Managed and oversaw contractors to ensure safe, timely, and cost-effective execution of construction works, including Architectural Finishes and Building Services package.
  • Project Controls Reporting: Implemented Site Document and Change Management procedures, developed contractor productivity monitoring tools, and conducted coordination meetings to eliminate interferences between contractors.
  • Commissioning Execution: TMG oversaw pre-operational verification of overall process and utility systems and conducted punch-list inspections to ensure contractual work
  • Operational Readiness & Turnover: TMG worked with the Health, Safety, & Environmental Manager to ensure safe and environmentally compliant construction practices were followed and facilitated the turnover of mechanical completion testing to Operations on time and budget.


The collaborative efforts between Barrick Gold and TMG led to significant outcomes:

Implementing Site Document and Change Management procedures marked a significant milestone in the Bonasika Project, as it streamlined the handling of project documentation, ensuring that critical information was effectively managed, tracked, and communicated throughout the project lifecycle. TMG’s meticulous approach to document management facilitated seamless collaboration among project stakeholders, minimizing the risk of errors, miscommunications, and delays. By establishing clear protocols for document creation, revision, approval, and distribution, TMG enabled project teams to access the latest information promptly, make informed decisions, and maintain alignment with project objectives.

Simultaneously, TMG’s development of contractor productivity monitoring tools revolutionized project control reporting, providing valuable insights into the performance of contractors and subcontractors involved in the Bonasika Project. By implementing robust tracking mechanisms and key performance indicators (KPIs), TMG empowered project managers to monitor progress, identify potential bottlenecks, and proactively address issues to keep the project on schedule and within budget. These productivity monitoring tools enhance transparency and accountability and enable data-driven decision-making, leading to optimized resource allocation, improved efficiency, and, ultimately, greater project success.

Furthermore, the successful conduct of mechanical completion testing and the timely turnover to Operations represented the culmination of TMG’s unwavering commitment to excellence in project execution. Through meticulous planning, rigorous quality assurance processes, and proactive coordination with contractors and vendors, TMG ensured that all mechanical systems and components were thoroughly inspected, tested, and verified to meet design specifications and regulatory standards. This meticulous attention to detail, coupled with effective project management and stakeholder engagement, facilitated a seamless transition from construction to operations, minimizing downtime and maximizing the return on investment for First Bauxite LLC. As a result, the Bonasika Project was delivered on time and budget but also poised for long-term success, with a solid foundation for efficient and reliable operations for years to come.

The Cortez Hills Project exemplifies effective collaboration and meticulous project execution, reaffirming Barrick Gold’s commitment to excellence in gold mining operations.