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Case Study

BHP Group Ltd.

Jansen Project

Location: Saskatchewan, Canada
Commodity: Potash
Project Phases: Detail Design Engineering & Construction

Client Overview

BHP, a renowned multinational corporation headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, boasts an extensive portfolio in the extraction and processing of minerals, oil, and gas. With mining operations spanning continents, including Australia, North America, and South America, BHP has established itself as a formidable presence in the industry.

Client Needs

The inception of the BHP Jansen Project marked the dawn of an extraordinary venture that transcended the boundaries of conventional mining endeavors. It was not merely a project; it was a vision of colossal proportions, driven by audacious aspirations that promised to redefine the very essence of potash mining on a global scale.

  • Rewriting the Record Books: At its core, the BHP Jansen Project was conceived as a groundbreaking endeavor, one that dared to challenge existing records and precedents in the mining industry. It aspired to do nothing less than rewrite the record books by ascending to the pinnacle as the world’s largest potash mine. This audacious goal was a testament to BHP’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what was considered achievable.
  • Astounding Production Targets: Central to the project’s monumental ambition were its prodigious production targets. The Jansen Project aimed to unleash the potential to produce over 8 million tons of marketable potash annually. This was not just an incremental increase but a quantum leap in production capacity that promised to have a seismic impact on the global potash market.
  • A 70-Year Legacy: The Jansen Project was not merely a short-term endeavor; it was designed to leave an indelible mark on the mining landscape for generations to come. With an astonishing mine life expectancy of 70 years, the project envisioned a legacy that would extend well into the future. It was a testament to the project’s sustainability, longevity, and its commitment to providing a valuable resource for decades.
  • Unprecedented Scale and Ambition: In every facet, the Jansen Project represented a journey of unprecedented scale and ambition. It was a manifestation of BHP’s relentless pursuit of excellence and its determination to lead the industry by example. It encapsulated the ethos of aiming not just for success but for industry-defining achievements.
  • A Bold Step into the Future: As the Jansen Project took shape, it symbolized not only the magnitude of its ambition but also a bold step into the future of mining. It underscored BHP’s role as an industry pioneer, willing to embrace challenges and tackle them head-on. It was a reflection of a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and the continuous evolution of mining practices.

In essence, the BHP Jansen Project was more than a mining venture; it was an audacious dream turned into reality. It was a testament to the human spirit’s capacity to envision, plan, and execute projects of staggering proportions. It signified BHP’s unwavering dedication to shaping the future of potash mining and its role as a beacon of excellence in the mining industry. The Jansen Project was not just a project; it was a legacy in the making.

Services Provided by TMG

TMG played a pivotal role in supporting the BHP Jansen Project by delivering an array of engineering services critical to its success:

  • Project Engineering and Detail Engineering Support: TMG provided invaluable project engineering and detailed engineering support, focusing particularly on the green-field process plant facilities. This encompassed a comprehensive evaluation of various facets of the project, from conceptualization to execution.
  • Trade-off Analysis: At the heart of TMG’s contribution lay an intricate trade-off analysis. This meticulous examination delved into the feasibility and implications of various production scenarios. TMG explored the trade-offs between operating four (4) 2 million tons per annum (Mtpa) process plants in parallel, two (2) 4 Mtpa process plants in parallel, or a singular, larger 8 Mtpa facility. This analytical exercise was fundamental in determining the most efficient and effective approach for the project.
  • Plant Layout and Design Optimization: TMG provided pivotal input into optimizing the plant layout and design. By engaging with multiple disciplines and leading discussions, TMG sought to create a design that not only met industry standards but also maximized operational efficiency and functionality.


TMG’s contributions to the BHP Jansen Project yielded substantial results and shaped the project’s path forward:

The trajectory of the BHP Jansen Project was marked by a dynamic and forward-thinking approach. Even in the face of its monumental scale and complexity, the client displayed a resolute commitment to a path of continuous improvement and thorough evaluation.

Trade-off studies and Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) were pursued concurrently, a strategic decision that underscored the client’s dedication to a comprehensive assessment of every facet of the project. This synchronized progress was seamlessly aligned with ongoing activities, including the intricate process of shaft sinking and the meticulous detailing of associated surface infrastructure. It was a testament to the client’s unwavering determination to ensure that no aspect of the project remained unexamined. Every element, from engineering strategies to logistical intricacies, was subject to rigorous scrutiny, ensuring that the project stayed firmly on course for a triumphant realization.

The BHP Jansen Project, with its audacious goals and monumental vision, served as a testament not only to the client’s ambition but also to the collaborative expertise of TMG. It showcased the profound impact of strategic engineering, trade-off analysis, and the power of collective knowledge and innovation. This endeavor set new industry benchmarks and raised the bar for excellence in the mining sector. TMG’s indispensable role in the project underscored its capacity to ignite innovation and drive efficiency within the mining industry, ultimately contributing to the resounding success of this pioneering venture.