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TMG Reveals Its Refreshed Brand Identity!

TMG Reveals Its Refreshed Brand Identity!

Over the years, TMG has grown to become the globally recognized leader in project management and executive consulting services for the mining and oil and gas sectors—and as such, we are incredibly proud to unveil our revitalized brand identity. This rebranding effort signifies a transformative moment in our company’s history and goes beyond aesthetics—it reflects our continuous growth and success as we expand our global reach.

Our new TMG brand identity represents our commitment to redefining global industry standards, backed by our dynamic team driven by innovation and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.

At the heart of our success lies our profound belief in open and transparent communication, which has been instrumental in fostering collaboration and cultivating strong industry partnerships. This core principle has been the cornerstone of our projects, enabling us to create meaningful connections within the industry. Therefore, accompanying this rebranding effort is the introduction of our new communication team, dedicated to delivering educational resources tailored to the mining and oil and gas sectors.

This team will provide invaluable insights, industry best practices, and guidance on achieving optimal business results. Our commitment to knowledge-sharing extends through various channels, including weekly articles, monthly business guides, webinars, and events. These resources aim to empower mining and oil and gas executives with the knowledge and strategies required to meet industry requirements and achieve their goals.

In addition to the brand launch, we are excited to announce the recent opening of a new corporate office in Vancouver, British Columbia. This expansion underlines our continuous growth and further establishes our position as an industry leader.

While our headquarters will remain in Toronto, Ontario, our new Vancouver office strategically positions us closer to clients in the Western region. This geographical expansion enhances our industry presence and demonstrates our commitment to meeting unique client needs in Western North America. We eagerly anticipate extending our expertise, dedication, and commitment to excellence to Vancouver’s vibrant business community and along the continent’s west coast.

As our global presence expands, we remain dedicated to serving clients and partners across the globe with unwavering dedication, innovation, and a commitment to excellence that have solidified our position as a trusted industry leader. We look forward to continuing this journey of growth and excellence, ready to empower executives, foster collaboration, and redefine industry standards for a prosperous future.

TMG Announces Corporate Expansion.

TMG Announces Corporate Expansion.

Launches New Office in Vancouver, British Columbia.

TMG, a leader in project management and executive-oriented services for the mining and oil and gas sectors, is thrilled to announce its expansion with the opening of a new corporate office in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia. This expansion signifies the company’s ongoing growth within the industry, solidifying its position as one of the primary leaders in its space. 

Expanding TMG’s Horizons in Vancouver

With its headquarters located in Toronto, Ontario, the opening of a new additional corporate office in Vancouver represents a noteworthy expansion in TMG’s ongoing journey. This strategic decision positions the company in closer proximity to clients in the Western region and serves to strengthen its industry presence. TMG eagerly anticipates the opportunity to extend its expertise, dedication, and steadfast commitment to excellence to the dynamic business community of Vancouver.

Upcoming Brand Launch

In November, TMG will proudly unveil its new brand, symbolizing the company’s evolution and unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of industry best practices. Alongside this exciting transformation, TMG is excited to introduce its new communication team, tasked with publishing resources tailored to the mining, oil and gas, smart farming, and industrial sectors.

The new team members will continuously deliver invaluable insights, industry best practices, and guidance on achieving optimal business results. These ongoing resources—including weekly articles, monthly business guides, webinars, events, and more—will serve as valuable tools for executives, equipping them with the knowledge and strategies required to meet their industry requirements and goals.

Staying True to TMG’s Corporate Values

As TMG embarks on this next chapter of continued growth, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to the core values that have guided it since its inception:

  • Promoting Communication: TMG believes that open and transparent communication is the foundation of project success. The new communication team will reinforce this belief by sharing valuable insights and fostering collaboration within the industry.
  • Prioritizing Client Satisfaction: The company’s dedication to client satisfaction continues to drive its efforts. TMG will persist in implementing optimal solutions and cultivating enduring partnerships with clients, ensuring the success of their projects.
  • Achieving Timely Excellence: Excellence remains at the forefront of TMG’s mission. The expansion into Vancouver reaffirms the commitment to delivering services that exceed expectations, maximizing advantages for clients and stakeholders.
  • Cultivating Positive Relationships: TMG’s people-centric culture will flourish in Vancouver as the company integrates best social responsibility practices. It is dedicated to building constructive relationships and fostering sustainable growth within the community.
  • Embracing Creativity: Vancouver’s vibrant atmosphere aligns perfectly with TMG’s commitment to creativity. The company will continue to champion originality, collaboration, and innovative solutions to optimize project outcomes.

TMG’s expansion and the upcoming brand launch represent a natural evolution in the company’s history. TMG is excited to share this journey with its clients, partners, and stakeholders in Vancouver and worldwide. Together, TMG will continue to engineer success for its clients—achieving excellence, driving innovation, and leaving a lasting impact on the industries it serves.

Catch Up With US: A Q1 Review of Events

Catch Up With US: A Q1 Review of Events

The first quarter of 2023 afforded TMG the opportunity to attend a host of domestic and international industry events and conferences. TMG strives to keep up with all the current events in an industry that is fast-paced and rapidly undergoing changes in all aspects from social responsibility, sustainability, to practices and processes. These events allow us the opportunity to network and connect with others to gain insights and add to the conversation and discussions about new and evolving technologies, topics, and challenges within the mining sector.

Find a list of attended events below:

  • Jan 26, 2023: The Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum Luncheon & presentation by David Harquail (CEO of Franco-Nevada).  
  • Feb 16, 2023: Young Mining Professionals Speaker Series with Mark Bristow (President & CEO of Barrick Gold Corp).
  • Feb 14-17, 2023: International Energy Conference & Expo Guyana.
  • March 5-8, 2023: Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada Convention & Expo.
  • March 20, 2023: MINdustry Night at the University of Toronto.

PDAC’s annual convention was back and better than ever for 2023. The convention attracts over 25,000 attendees, and features exhibitors, investors, stakeholders, as well as exploration and mining companies from all over the world. From March 5th to 8th 2023 the venue was transformed into a hub for networking, gathering and the exchange of information; accompanied by exciting exhibits of innovative technologies, discussions and panels for issues related to the mineral exploration and development industry.

Our team was in full attendance for this year’s convention & expo to again engage, connect, and learn alongside thousands of other industry professionals. The team spent time networking, exploring the exhibit hall, checking out the showcases and attending many of the sessions and presentations throughout the three-day event.

With so many great exhibits and panels, it was hard to make a brief list, but here is TMG’s key takeaways and topics from PDAC Convention& Expo 2023:

  • The role and future of digitization in mining.
  • The learning sessions and presentations related to advocacy and policy work, supporting the responsible exploration and development of mineral resources in Canada.
  • Canada’s changes to the regulatory processes for critical mineral mines, as the North American critical mineral supply experiences a large push in demand and influx of investment.
  • Lana Eagle’s presentation and the panel discussions about Canada’s growing role and impact in the recovery of critical minerals.
  • The Social and environmental impact of mine waste and learning about new innovations for creating sustainable mining solutions.

TMG also had the pleasure of hosting its second annual PDAC Social Reception. The event was an opportunity for those from all backgrounds within the industry to casually gather, network with friends both new and old while enjoying cocktails and refreshments. TMG wishes to extend a personal thank you to all those who were able to attend the event hosted at the TMG Toronto corporate office.

Scroll down to view photos from some of the events of Q1 that Technical Management Group has attended.

The Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) 2023 & TMG PDAC Social.

AME Roundup, Vancouver Canada Jan 23-26, 2023.


(Left to Right): James Scott (Fireweed Metals), Joel Giffen (Giffen Consulting), Andrew Ablenas (Giffen Consulting), Kenny MacEwen (Technical Management Group).
AME Roundup’s Gathering Place explored the conference’s theme “Critical to Our Future”. Discussions were led by a host of diverse Indigenous speakers from many organizations and Indigenous councils as well as talks from other industry professionals about the relationship between Indigenous Nations and the mining industry.

The 2nd International Energy Conference and Expo Guyana February 14 – 17, 2023


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