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Case Study

Foran Mining

McIlvenna Bay Project Execution

Location: Saskatchewan, Canada
Commodity: Copper / Zinc
Project Phases: Detailed Design Engineering, Construction Execution

Client Overview

Foran Mining Ltd., holding over 140,000 hectares within the Hanson Lake District of eastern Saskatchewan, Canada, is a key player in the Flin Flon Greenstone Belt region. With the commencement of the McIlvenna Bay project, Foran Mining Corporation aims to establish a state-of-the-art mining operation with a re-designed mine plan that accommodates a larger production base of 4,200 tons per day, serving as a foundational plant for future expansions. The commencement of the Early Works program and the awarding of Detailed Engineering works have set the stage for the successful execution of the project. Foran’s is executing the project as a net zero carbon producer, highlighting their commitment to sustainable and environmentally responsible mining practices.

TMG’s Contributions

TMG has provided vital support to Foran Mining Ltd. in the execution of the McIlvenna Bay project:

  • Engineering Oversight: TMG has played a crucial role in overseeing the engineering aspects of the project, ensuring adherence to the highest standards of design and execution.
  • Owners Team Support: Providing comprehensive support to the owner’s team, TMG has been instrumental in overseeing procurement, contracting, engineering, planning, and scheduling disciplines during the detailed design engineering phase for surface works.
  • Project Cost Control and Planning: TMG has effectively managed project cost control and planning, ensuring that the project remains within budget and on schedule.
  • HAZOP Facilitation: Offering HAZOP and Reliability & Maintenance facilitation services, TMG has ensured a thorough evaluation of sitewide process and electrical infrastructure components, integrating work with other consultants and operational entities within Foran.


The collaboration between Foran Mining Ltd. and TMG has led to significant progress in the McIlvenna Bay project:

  • Integrated Approach: TMG’s integrated approach with other Subject Matter Expert consultants and operational entities has ensured that all underground mine infrastructure needs are properly assessed and captured in the engineering scope.

This case study exemplifies the effective partnership between Foran Mining Ltd. and TMG, showcasing their joint commitment to advancing the mining industry with innovative and sustainable practices. The McIlvenna Bay project demonstrates the importance of strategic planning, expert project management, and environmental responsibility in the successful execution of a large-scale mining project. Foran Mining Ltd.’s endeavor to become a net zero carbon producer, supported by TMG’s expertise, sets a precedent in the mining industry for sustainable development.