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Case Study

Galaxy Lithium (Canada) Inc.

James Bay Project

Location: Mattagami, Québec 
Commodity: Lithium Carbonate 
Phases: Trade-Off Studies, Feasibility Study 

Client Overview 

Galaxy Lithium (Canada) Inc., a subsidiary of Galaxy Resources Inc., a global lithium company based in Perth and listed on the ASX, embarked on the James Bay Project in Mattagami, Québec. 

Client Needs 

The James Bay Project features a pegmatite resource containing indicated resources of 40.3 million tonnes grading at 1.4% Li2O, which is amenable to open pit extraction. The property is readily accessible via the James Bay Highway, 381 kilometers from Mattagami, with an airport and existing mining infrastructure. 

Project Details 

Galaxy Lithium’s James Bay Project aimed at developing a lithium mine and processing facility in Québec. The project involved various components, including the Process Plant, Mine Design, Waste Rock & Tailings Storage Facility, Site-Wide Infrastructure, and downstream Conversion Facility. 

TMG’s Contributions 

TMG was crucial in providing area management for key project components, including the Process Plant, Mine Design, and Site-Wide Infrastructure. Additionally, TMG augmented the Owner’s Team to manage area EPCM contractors and provide expertise in concentrate handling logistics. TMG also conducted a Value Seeking Phase project to identify opportunities for cost savings and NPV improvements. 


During the collaboration between Barrick Gold and TMG, a significant milestone was reached when considerable CAPEX savings and NPV (Net Present Value) improvements were identified through the Value Seeking Phase. This phase, characterized by meticulous analysis and strategic decision-making, enhanced the project’s overall viability and financial performance.

By diligently scrutinizing every aspect of the project, from procurement to resource allocation, the teams uncovered opportunities for cost optimization and value enhancement. Through innovative approaches and thorough evaluation, redundant expenses were minimized, and efficiencies were maximized, resulting in substantial savings and improved financial metrics.

These findings bolstered the project’s feasibility and underscored the collaborative effort’s ability to drive tangible outcomes that directly contributed to long-term success. By proactively seeking value at every turn, the partnership between Barrick Gold and TMG exemplified a commitment to excellence and financial stewardship, setting a precedent for future endeavors within the industry.

This case study highlights the importance of strategic project management and expertise in achieving cost savings and maximizing project value, reaffirming Galaxy Lithium’s commitment to excellence in lithium mining and processing operations.