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Case Study


CEZinc Electrolytic Cells Replacement

Location: Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, QC, Canada
Commodity: Zinc
Project Phases: Detailed Design Engineering, Construction Execution

Client Overview

Glencore, a global leader in mining and commodity trading, has embarked on a major upgrade of the CEZinc Zinc smelting facility in Valleyfield, QC, Canada. This initiative, aimed at extending the facility’s operational life, involves the replacement of 204 aging electrolytic cells and the overhead anode and cathode cranes.

TMG’s Contributions

TMG has played a crucial role in advancing Glencore’s project at the CEZinc facility, providing comprehensive management and engineering services as part of the Owner’s Team Mandate:

  • Feasibility Study Facilitation and Approval Documentation: TMG assisted in gating the Feasibility Study (FS) and contributed to the development and approval of project funding documentation.
  • Project Management and Governance: TMG has offered invaluable project management and governance oversight, ensuring that all phases of the project are executed efficiently and effectively.
  • Engineering Management and Project Controls: With a focus on engineering management, TMG has maintained stringent project controls and governance, overseeing the detailed design engineering phase and supporting construction and commissioning.
  • Field Engineering Support: TMG has provided quality assurance and field engineering support, contributing to the project’s adherence to the highest standards of quality and engineering excellence.
  • Strategic Shutdown Management: A critical aspect of the project is the management of engineering and procurement activities to support a planned plant-wide shut down in September 2024, a task that TMG has adeptly handled.


The collaboration between Glencore and TMG on the CEZinc Electrolytic Cells & Crane Replacement Project has led to significant progress:

  • On-Time and On-Budget Execution: The project is currently on track for on-time completion by the end of 2025, with financial execution aligned with the allocated budget of $135 million CAD.
  • Strategic and Efficient Project Management: Through strategic project reviews and executive guidance, TMG has ensured that the project remains aligned with its goals, emphasizing efficiency and effectiveness in project execution planning and monitoring.
  • Successful Integration and Commissioning Preparation: TMG’s role in construction support and project controls governance has laid the groundwork for a successful integration and commissioning phase, set to follow the construction execution.

This case study highlights the successful partnership between Glencore and TMG, demonstrating their collective capability to manage and execute complex industrial upgrade projects. The CEZinc Electrolytic Cells & Crane Replacement Project serves as a testament to the effective collaboration and expert project management that drive timely, budget-conscious, and high-quality outcomes in the mining and metals industry.