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Case Study


Project Restart

Location: Stewart, British Columbia
Commodity: Gold & Silver
Project Phases: Preliminary Economic Assessment & Permitting, Restart Planning

Client Overview

Goldwedge Gold Mines, a privately owned company, operated a mining site in the 1980s before its closure in 1989 by Catear Resources Ltd. The company is now focused on re-evaluating and restarting the historic underground mining operation using modern technologies and methodologies.

TMG’s Contributions

TMG has been instrumental in the revival of the Goldwedge Project, offering comprehensive support and expertise in various aspects:

  • Execution Planning: TMG spearheaded the execution planning for the mill restart program. This included managing metallurgical testwork, establishing a flowsheet, planning procurement, managing the supply chain, and overseeing detailed design engineering, mining, and surface construction.
  • Preliminary Economic Assessment: Conducting a thorough Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) and Gap Analysis, TMG provided crucial insights for decision-making on the project restart.
  • Permitting Support: TMG also contributed significantly to the project management and engineering support for permitting activities, essential for the project’s progression.
  • Budget and Capital Raising: TMG assisted in preliminary budget creation and provided key information for client approval, aiding in capital-raising efforts.


The joint efforts of Goldwedge Gold Mines and TMG have driven significant progress in the Goldwedge Project:

  • Project Advancement: The PEA and Gap Analysis provided by TMG have guided the decision to restart the historic underground mining operation with updated technologies and execution methods.
  • Execution Decision Support: TMG developed a detailed engineering and construction rehabilitation plan based on the PEA and gap analysis, enabling the client to make informed decisions regarding overall execution based on current capitalization data.
  • Ongoing Support: TMG’s continuous support in project controls, detailed design engineering, process development, executive guidance, and construction readiness underscores their commitment to the project’s success.

The Goldwedge Project Restart demonstrates the effective partnership between Goldwedge Gold Mines and TMG, highlighting their shared goal of bringing a historic mining operation back to life. It showcases the importance of meticulous planning, expert project management, and strategic execution in navigating the complexities of restarting an abandoned mining project. Goldwedge Gold Mines’ journey towards re-establishment as a significant player in the gold and silver mining sector is a testament to this collaborative effort.