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Case Study

Hochschild Mining PLC,

PLC Project

Location: Iskut, British Columbia
Commodity: Gold
Project Phases: Exploration, Studies & Construction Execution

Client Overview

Hochschild Mining PLC, a preeminent underground precious metals producer specializing in high-grade silver and gold, boasts over 50 years of operational experience in the Americas. A key development for Hochschild was the acquisition of a 60% undivided interest in the Snip Mine, finalized in October 2021, making them the operator of this promising asset.

TMG’s Contributions

TMG has been integral to the Snip Mine Restart Project, providing critical support and expertise in the following areas:

  • Construction Oversight: TMG managed all aspects of construction oversight, ensuring effective earned value verifications, handling Requests for Information, and managing the receiving of goods in compliance with Standard Operating Procedures. They also took charge of overall site management and the coordination of site service providers.
  • Contract Review: Reviewing existing service provider contracts, TMG ensured they met the robust requirements necessary for the project’s future needs, in line with standard terms and conditions.
  • Logistics Planning: TMG was responsible for logistics planning for infrastructure and transportation, including the marshaling of equipment and goods from on-site and other designated points.
  • Health, Safety, & Environment Program Development: Developing comprehensive management plans, Standard Operating Procedures, and Reporting Templates, TMG ensured adherence to British Columbia’s M-240 permit conditions and overall safety and environmental standards.


The collaboration between Hochschild Mining PLC and TMG has led to substantial progress in the Snip Mine Restart Project:

  • Expanded Resource Exploration: Following the announcement of a maiden resource in July 2020, the project saw the completion of a second drilling campaign aimed at expanding the resource.
  • Effective Project Management: TMG’s involvement in construction oversight, contract review, logistics, and HSE program development has been pivotal in advancing the project through its critical phases.
  • Operational Transition: The seamless transition of Snip Mine’s operations to Hochschild Mining PLC, supported by TMG’s expertise, marked a significant milestone in the project.

The dynamic partnership between Hochschild Mining PLC and TMG highlights their joint commitment to reviving the Snip Mine. The project exemplifies the importance of strategic planning, robust project management, and adherence to health and safety standards in the successful execution of a mining restart project. The Snip Mine Restart Project not only showcases TMG’s comprehensive service offerings but also reaffirms Hochschild Mining PLC’s position as a leader in precious metals production.