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Case Study

Intrepid Potash Inc.

Langbeinite Recovery Improvement Project

Location: Carlsbad, New Mexico 
Commodity: Potash and Langbeinite 
Phases: Construction Execution, Commissioning & Turnover 

Client Overview 

Intrepid Potash Inc. initiated the Langbeinite Recovery Improvement Project at their Carlsbad East Plant in New Mexico. This endeavor aimed to enhance langbeinite recovery by implementing cutting-edge technology and equipment upgrades.

Client Needs  

Intrepid Potash sought comprehensive leadership and expertise to execute the Langbeinite Recovery Improvement Project. The project required replacing a 69kV, 20MVA utility-tie substation and installing a new power distribution system. Additionally, the client needed extensive equipment testing, commissioning, and optimization support, requiring a team well-versed in the National Electrical Code (NEC).

Project Details 

  • Construction Execution: The project involved meticulous planning, preparation, and execution to replace the existing main substation with a new one. This encompassed the replacement of two 5kV switchgear lineups and all associated cabling within the plant, effectively upgrading the entire power distribution system.
  • Commissioning & Turnover: Over 18 months, the team provided on-site technical assistance and coordination for equipment testing, commissioning, and optimization. This phase required close collaboration with construction contractors and commissioning agents to ensure seamless integration and functionality of the new infrastructure.

TMG’s Contributions 

TMG played a pivotal role in overseeing the construction, execution, and commissioning phases of the Langbeinite Recovery Improvement Project. Our team provided expertise in construction coordination, equipment testing, commissioning, technical assistance, and troubleshooting to ensure the project’s success.


The Langbeinite Recovery Improvement Project exemplified precision and efficiency in its execution, notably evidenced by the seamless transition to the new power distribution system. Through close collaboration and meticulous planning, the project team successfully brought the plant back online six hours ahead of schedule.

This achievement underscored the effectiveness of the project management and execution strategies, highlighting the team’s ability to overcome challenges and deliver exceptional speed and accuracy. The successful switchover minimized downtime and demonstrated the project team’s commitment to excellence and their capacity to navigate complex technical processes adeptly. By achieving this milestone ahead of schedule, the project met and exceeded expectations, setting a high standard for future endeavors within the industry.

This case study exemplifies TMG’s commitment to delivering exceptional results. It underscores the importance of strategic project management and technical expertise in achieving operational improvements and efficiency gains within the mining industry.