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Case Study


Paracatu Expansion Project

Location: Minas Gerais, Brazil 
Commodity: Gold 
Phases: Detailed Design Engineering, Construction & Commissioning 

Client Overview

Kinross Gold, a prominent player in the gold mining industry, embarked on the Paracatu Expansion Project in Minas Gerais, Brazil. This initiative aimed to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the existing Plant 2 grinding circuit to meet increased production demands and regulatory requirements.

Client Needs 

Kinross required specialized expertise in operational readiness and project management to successfully execute the Paracatu Expansion Project. The project involved retrofitting the Plant 2 grinding circuit with two new 15 MW ball mills to augment production capacity and improve gold recovery. Additionally, compliance with environmental regulations necessitated the implementation of a tailings desulphurization circuit.

Project Details 

Detailed Design Engineering: The project encompassed detailed design engineering to seamlessly integrate the new ball mills and tailings desulphurization circuit into the existing infrastructure. This phase involved meticulous planning and coordination to ensure optimal performance and compliance with regulatory standards.

TMG’s Contributions 

TMG was crucial in developing an aggressive turnover strategy for the Paracatu Expansion Project. This included devising standard procedures for mechanical completion testing, pre-operational verification, and load testing of installed process and utility systems. By collaborating closely with construction management personnel, TMG ensured that the mechanical completion schedule aligned with the required start-up sequencing.

TMG provided comprehensive support throughout the Paracatu Expansion Project, focusing on operational readiness and project management. Our team developed manpower forecast requirements, worked closely with construction management personnel to validate the feasibility of the mechanical completion schedule, and provided ongoing assistance to ensure a smooth turnover process.


The Paracatu Expansion Project marked a pivotal moment for Kinross, where meticulous planning and strategic execution intersected to propel the company toward its production targets with unparalleled efficiency. TMG’s visionary approach to operational readiness and project management is at the heart of this success story, which proved instrumental in steering the project to fruition.

Central to TMG’s strategy was the implementation of innovative standard procedures explicitly tailored for mechanical completion testing and pre-operational verification. These procedures served as the cornerstone for ensuring the seamless turnover of operations, aligning flawlessly with the intricate start-up sequencing essential for success in the mining domain.

Kinross achieved a landmark moment through rigorous adherence to these meticulously crafted procedures: flawless mechanical completion and turnover. This milestone underscored TMG’s unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional outcomes and showcased its prowess in fostering operational excellence within the mining industry.

By leveraging TMG’s expertise and embracing a culture of precision and excellence, Kinross met and surpassed its production deadlines, setting a new standard for operational efficiency and effectiveness in the mining landscape. The Paracatu Expansion Project is a testament to Kinross’s ambition and vision and a shining example of TMG’s unparalleled commitment to delivering results that redefine industry standards.