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Case Study

Marathon Gold

Valentine Project

Location: Newfoundland, Canada
Commodity: Gold
Project Phases: Detailed Design Engineering

Client Overview

Marathon Gold is focused on the financing, development, and successful operation of the Valentine Gold Project. They are dedicated to achieving these objectives with utmost care for their people, environmental protection, and a solid commitment to respecting communities and Indigenous groups.

Client Needs

Marathon Gold’s primary asset is the Valentine Gold Project in the Central Region of Newfoundland and Labrador. This project is of paramount significance in one of the world’s top mining jurisdictions. Upon completion, the Valentine Gold Project is poised to become the largest gold mine in Atlantic Canada, making a substantial contribution to the economy of Newfoundland and Labrador.

TMG’s Contributions

TMG was pivotal in supporting Marathon Gold in advancing the Valentine Project. Critical areas of TMG’s involvement included:

  • Owner’s Team Engineers: TMG deployed a team of experienced engineers to serve as part of the owner’s team. Their responsibilities included validating and reviewing engineering deliverables provided by the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM) contractor. This encompassed a wide range of critical documentation, such as Process Flow Diagrams, Piping and instrumentation Diagrams, General Arrangement drawings, 3D models, discipline design criteria, technical specifications, and commercial procurement packages.
  • Commercial and Technical Evaluations: TMG conducted comprehensive commercial and technical evaluations. These assessments were instrumental in budget validation for significant equipment and services contracts, ensuring alignment with the overall design intent and site conditions.
  • Ongoing Project Engineering Support: TMG provided ongoing project engineering support, particularly for the re-tendered Engineering and procurement and Construction Management supervision phases. This support ensured that the project’s engineering and procurement aspects continued progressing seamlessly.


TMG’s involvement in the Valentine Project delivered tangible results, underscoring its commitment to project success and excellence:

  • Identification of Core Design Issues: TMG’s review revealed several significant issues in the core process and detailed design that required attention and resolution. This early identification was pivotal in preventing potential complications during project execution.
  • Scope of Work Development: TMG developed a new Engineering-Procurement scope of work document. Marathon Gold subsequently used this document in their new Request for Proposal (RFP) process, enabling a methodology change in contracting that aligned with the project’s execution strategy.

The Valentine Project exemplifies the collaborative efforts between Marathon Gold and TMG. It highlights the significance of expert engineering oversight, comprehensive evaluations, and proactive support in achieving project objectives. This case study underscores Marathon Gold’s dedication to responsible mining practices and sustainable development, supported by strategic collaboration and meticulous project management.