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Case Study


Rocanville Brine Management System

Location: Rocanville, Saskatchewan
Commodity: Potash
Phases: Feasibility Study, Detailed Design Engineering, Construction Execution

Client Overview

Nutrien, a global leader in potash production, initiated the Rocanville Brine Management System project in Saskatchewan, Canada. This endeavor aimed to upgrade the tailings handling systems at the Rocanville mine’s existing milling facilities to enhance pumping capacity and accommodate future expansion needs within the Tailings Management Area.

Client Needs

Nutrien required specialized expertise in risk management, Monte Carlo simulation, project execution planning, and procurement tendering to effectively execute the Rocanville Brine Management System project. The project scope involved upgrading tailings handling systems to increase pumping capacity to the furthest areas of the Tailings Management Area, with consideration for future expansion up to a maximum elevation of 65 meters.

TMG’s Contributions

TMG was vital in facilitating risk assessment sessions, reviewing engineering deliverables, and establishing project execution frameworks for the Rocanville Brine Management System project. Our expertise in risk management, Monte Carlo simulation, and project execution planning enabled Nutrien to navigate complexities effectively and achieve project objectives efficiently.

  • Feasibility Study: TMG facilitated Monte Carlo Risk sessions with a team of Subject Matter Experts to assess the level of risk associated with major CAPEX components based on design definitions and input assumptions. This involved utilizing three-point estimation inputs to evaluate uncertainties and establish appropriate contingencies and risk reserves. Additionally, TMG reviewed engineering, estimating, and project execution deliverables developed during the feasibility study to ensure completeness and accuracy in alignment with AACE Class-3 estimate standards.
  • Detailed Design Engineering: TMG provided interpretation and analysis to establish project execution contingency and risk reserve allocations. This phase involved developing a comprehensive Project Execution Plan, baseline schedule, and control budget to guide the execution process effectively. Furthermore, TMG oversaw the tendering and adjudication of general contractor construction services to ensure the selection of qualified partners for project execution.
  • Construction Execution: The Rocanville Brine Management System project progressed with TMG’s support in establishing a robust project execution framework. Independent review of construction execution scopes led to additional scoping of the overall project execution, ensuring alignment with project objectives and requirements.


The successful completion of the Rocanville Brine Management System project marks a significant milestone for Nutrien, showcasing the company’s dedication to advancing its infrastructure while maintaining rigorous risk management practices. TMG’s meticulous involvement throughout the project lifecycle ensured the achievement of the project scope and the establishment of robust contingencies and risk reserves to safeguard against unforeseen challenges.

TMG’s contribution extended beyond mere oversight; the team’s independent review of construction execution scopes identified additional opportunities for enhancement. By expanding the scope strategically, Nutrien was better positioned to optimize resources, streamline processes, and ultimately enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the project execution strategy.

This success was not solely attributed to TMG’s expertise but also the collaborative efforts and strategic planning between Nutrien and its partners. The project team navigated complexities confidently through open communication, proactive problem-solving, and a shared commitment to excellence, ensuring that each project phase was executed seamlessly.

By effectively mitigating risks and maximizing opportunities, Nutrien achieved its immediate project goals and laid a solid foundation for future endeavors. The Rocanville Brine Management System project is a testament to TMG’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results in the mining industry, reinforcing its reputation as a trusted partner in driving operational excellence and innovation.