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TMG Summer Internship Program: School is in session

Recently completing its second successful year, we spotlight TMG’s Summer Internship Program with Queen’s University Engineering and Chemistry students. TMG is committed to creating a welcoming environment where we nurture the leaders of tomorrow, by taking the time to answer their questions today. Our internship program is very important to us, and is something we are quite passionate about. Coming from a background of internships and hands-on training, the team at TMG is forever grateful for the relationships they have built over the years. Most of us started in the industry with influential mentors who we were able to lean on for support and ongoing learnings. We remember our mentors and those who took the time to really support and explain things while in a senior role.

Hands-on experience.

Some of our team members started their careers in mining with internship programs, and were always made to feel confident and comfortable when taking on an independent role. Now in more established roles, the TMG management team wants people to come to us for support; that is how we started our careers and that is the type of experience we want others to have here at TMG. For the summer of 2021 TMG hired three Queen’s University students: Neve Climie, Kendall Glen, and Ciara Strom. Each of these deserving students expressed a willingness to learn and a passion and work ethic that was unmatched by the other applicants. We were looking for individuals who were motivated, and showed enthusiasm and interest in learning more. Our summer interns show up ready to do the work and expand on their hands-on education each and every day. This is a paid internship program that fully immersed third year engineering and chemistry students into the mining industry from the get-go. The students were given the opportunity to work on a variety of projects for multiple TMG clients, to start to get a true feel for how every aspect of a project works. Their TMG mentors explained the intent every step of the way and did not lose sight on the very valuable teaching moments. The future of our mining industry is with brilliant minds, and hard-working students who are ready and eager to take it all in.

Kendall Glen TMG Summer Internship Student, Queen’s University Engineering Program Student

Neve Climie and Kendall Glenn “For me, it is very important to be working in a healthy team environment where everyone is supportive to one another, which TMG has done. TMG uses both an affiliative and coaching management style. This is seen from them creating positive relationships between all levels of staff and motivating each other to do their best. The coaching management style is from them focusing on long-term professional development and care about the future of each of us. They also use a macro management style where there is less supervision and more opportunity for each of us to learn on our own and come to them if needed. This way, we feel trusted and can learn better by doing it ourselves with the support if needed. This is an amazing team to be a part of because of their management style, personalities, diversity, and mentorship. I have had opportunities with this team that I never would have imagined, and I feel very lucky to have had this experience. They have made me think about my future career and guided me to potentially working in the mining industry, which has opened my eyes and makes me excited for the future.”

Ciara Strom TMG Summer Internship Student, Queen’s University Chemistry Program Student

Ciara Strom “While on site I was given the opportunity to learn about and visit all of the different departments of an operating mine. This experience allowed me to understand how they all work together towards a common goal. I especially enjoyed spending time with the environmental and metallurgy teams, where I was able to help collect water quality samples and learn about flotation tests. Everyone I met was happy to answer all of my questions and share their own, personal experiences. I was able to see how a project comes together and experience real-world problem solving. It has been an overall excellent experience.”

Neve Climie TMG Summer Internship Student, Queen’s University Engineering Program Student

“The TMG Internship program created a platform for learning, through site visits and listening to feedback and putting it to use. We were given opportunities to discuss topics of question and supporting employees wherever necessary. Our questions were always answered with insight and understanding. The core TMG team has great communication and is able to answer our calls or needs at any time. I am extremely grateful for the broader learning experience through the site rotation(s) that were available.”

Investing in our future.

The summer internship is designed to really provide good insight into the mining world, and what it may have to offer young professionals. The TMG mentors work very closely with our summer students, and welcome regular and continual feedback from them on their own personal experiences. The intention is to have the students in the office setting (or in the case of a pandemic year, work from home) for half of the summer program, with the other half spent on a mine site, on the job. A mine site is massive when seen in person and has left our summer interns quite impressed with the opportunity in general.
“We were looking for individuals who were motivated, and showed enthusiasm and interest in learning more.” – TMG
TMG is committed to the health and safety of our interns and guaranteed that at least one of our own representatives was on site with the student acting as a chaperone/point of contact for the duration of their stay at the mine. It has also been great promoting female students in the mining industry and we look forward to a more equal representation and interest in the field in the future. We foster this program in hopes of a bright future for the mining industry. It is not an easy career to maintain for many years, and has its fair share of changes. But as many of us know, it is a career with exciting new challenges, new findings, and new discoveries each day. Mining is a world that has proven to give back in so many positive ways. Our hope is that a variety of students may find interest in mining through the experiences we are putting them into. By providing specific projects, our desire is that the varying experiences will have our future engineering and mining leaders and innovators set their sights on potential new possibilities. .

Your TMG Team

TMG provides a unique oversight service to mining company executives and project owners who are, or will be, engaged in growing or enhancing their enterprise through capital projects. Our collective years of expertise enable us to get things done faster – ultimately saving you precious time, and helping you honour your project budget. In an industry where timing is everything, bringing TMG in at the right stage of your investment to be the eyes and ears for the project is critical.