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Case Study


NRC Sustaining Capital Projects

Location: Sudbury, Ontario
Commodity: Nickel
Phases: Operational Improvement

Client Overview

VALE, a prominent Brazilian multinational corporation, is a key player in the global metals and mining industry. With a diversified portfolio of assets, VALE boasts significant Nickel operations in Canada, including multiple facilities in Sudbury, Ontario. VALE’s operations in Sudbury are vital contributors to the region’s economy and the global supply of Nickel.

Client Needs

The NRC Granulation Dryer and NRC Bucket Elevator #2, integral components of the VALE Nickel Refinery in Sudbury, Ontario, had dutifully served their purpose for over half a century. However, with a scheduled refinery shutdown slated for three (3) weeks in August 2015, VALE recognized the imperative need to modernize and optimize these critical pieces of equipment. The NRC Granulation Dryer and NRC Bucket Elevator #2 demanded thorough engineering, meticulous fabrication, and timely shipment to ensure seamless installation and minimal disruption to refinery operations.

TMG’s Contributions

In response to VALE’s needs, TMG stepped in with its expertise in Project and Engineering Management, poised to orchestrate the comprehensive revitalization of the NRC Granulation Dryer and NRC Bucket Elevator #2. Leveraging its extensive experience and technical acumen, TMG meticulously planned and executed each project phase within the stringent timeframe of the refinery shutdown. From conceptualization to implementation, TMG’s strategic guidance was tailored to ensure that every aspect of the projects aligned seamlessly with VALE’s operational objectives and industry regulations, a testament to TMG’s commitment to delivering results.


The successful completion of the NRC Granulation Dryer and NRC Bucket Elevator #2 projects ahead of schedule and below budget during the planned shutdown windows is a testament to TMG’s unwavering commitment to excellence. By prioritizing efficiency, reliability, and safety, TMG modernized the refinery’s essential equipment and enhanced its operational and maintenance capabilities.

The refurbished equipment bolstered the refinery’s productivity and positioned VALE for sustained success in the dynamic Nickel market. TMG’s collaborative approach and meticulous attention to detail ensured that the projects not only met but exceeded VALE’s expectations, solidifying TMG’s reputation as a trusted partner in driving operational excellence and innovation in the mining industry.