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Case Study


Raw Material Project

Location: Sudbury, Ontario 
Commodity: Nickel 
Phases: Operational Improvement 

Client Profile 

Vale S.A., a Brazilian multinational corporation, is prominent in the metals and mining industry. With its extensive operations, Vale Canada’s mining and metals division contributes significantly to the production of nickel, copper, cobalt, platinum, and other metals worldwide.

Client Needs 

Vale undertook a strategic initiative of paramount importance to enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs associated with tolling ore from its facilities to the Strathcona Mill. This project, a key pillar of Vale’s operational strategy, aimed to streamline the movement of copper and nickel from Sudbury Processing Plants to facilities in Europe and Asia while optimizing the processing of tolled material (Slag Brick) at the Strathcona Mill.

TMG‘s Contributions

TMG’s engagement encompassed a range of services tailored to meet Vale’s specific requirements. This included proficient assay exchange management, skillful negotiation of agreements with third-party inspection agencies, and meticulous toll material management. Leveraging advanced techniques in sample preparation and chemical analysis, TMG accurately determined the value of ore and assessed levels of arsenic and lead in the material, ensuring compliance and efficiency throughout the process.


TMG’s strategic intervention yielded significant results, marked by improved client relations and stringent cost control management practices. Through careful oversight and optimization efforts, TMG identified discrepancies and inefficiencies, resulting in substantial cost savings exceeding USD 4 million.

By implementing streamlined processes and optimizing material processing at the Strathcona Mill, Vale experienced reductions in mill usage and capacity costs, alongside notable decreases in refining and treatment expenses. This initiative not only bolstered operational efficiency but also underscored TMG’s unwavering commitment to delivering tangible value and fostering enduring success for Vale in the dynamic landscape of the mining industry.