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Case Study

Wesdome Gold Mines

Kiena Underground Complex Restart

Location: Val-d’Or, Québec
Commodity: Gold
Project Phases: PFS / Detailed Design Engineering / Construction Execution

Client Overview

Wesdome Gold Mines, with over 30 years of continuous operations in Canada, is dedicated to advancing its position in the mining industry. The company aspires to become a mid-tier producer with a portfolio of projects at various development stages.

TMG’s Contributions

TMG played a critical role in supporting Wesdome Gold Mines’ Kiena Underground Complex Restart project, providing an array of services and expertise:

  • Study Execution Planning: TMG developed a comprehensive study execution plan, defining the project’s scope of work, battery limits, RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) matrix, and tendering requirements for all engineering consultants.
  • Study Schedule Management: Efficient scheduling is essential for project success. TMG established a study schedule and managed the development of study deliverables, ensuring alignment with target objectives and timelines.
  • Procurement Execution: Procurement is a complex aspect of project management. TMG meticulously handled the procurement execution, including long-lead engineering and capital equipment procurement, contributing to streamlined processes.
  • Ongoing Execution Support: TMG provided continuous execution support throughout the project’s lifecycle, offering guidance and expertise to address challenges and facilitate progress.


The collaborative efforts between Wesdome Gold Mines and TMG have yielded significant progress and advancements in the Kiena Underground Complex Restart project:

  • Ongoing Study: The project’s Preliminary Feasibility Study (PFS) and Detailed Design Engineering phases are ongoing. This reflects the project’s forward momentum and commitment to thorough planning and preparation.
  • Procurement Management: TMG’s expertise in procurement management has contributed to the efficient acquisition of long-lead engineering and capital equipment, setting the stage for successful project execution.

The Kiena Underground Complex Restart project exemplifies the partnership between Wesdome Gold Mines and TMG, highlighting their joint commitment to advancing the mining industry. It underscores the pivotal role of expert project management, study planning, and procurement execution in achieving project milestones. This case study reaffirms Wesdome Gold Mines’ dedication to becoming a prominent mid-tier producer in the gold mining sector, underpinned by strategic collaboration and meticulous project management.